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My Pictures in Words | Bobhead

November 17, 2023


“This collection is a compilation of wearable fashion colour and cutting techniques that not only inspire the creativity of the hairdresser but also focus on increasing revenue and earning more money. Bobhead understands that hairdressers are not only seeking inspiration but also practical techniques that they can apply directly in their daily work.

These images are the result of extensive research and development, incorporating the latest trends and techniques. The BBHD Transcendent collection gives hairdressers the opportunity to elevate their skills and provide their clients with trendy and stylish looks.

Our goal has always been to provide hairdressers with innovative and practical tools to express their creativity while also enhancing their business success. With this new collection, we aim to inspire hairdressers and empower them to achieve immediate results in their salons.”

Hair: Robby and Sofie BBHD
MUA: Tom van de Walle
Photography: Richard Monsieurs