My Pictures in Words | Domi Pinalli

July 20, 2023

‘Badass Barbie’

“Badass Barbie was a purely creative endeavour from the heart. I wanted a collection that totally encompasses who I am and my obvious love for pink. With secondary inspirations from Y2K and Harajuku girls, I wanted the hair to compliment the entire shot with a focus on the fluidity of movement between wet and dry textures. Whilst I clearly have a love for the pink and fluffy things in life, it is not without an aspect of edginess. Which is why we also incorporated a darker colour palette running parallel, along with colour techniques that have an element of punk.”

Hair: Domi Pinalli, Domi Pinalli Hair

MUA: Brooke Stanley

Styling: Domi Pinalli

Photography: Bill Tsiknaris


My Pictures in words | 'Badass Barbie' by Domi Pinalli

My Pictures in words | 'Badass Barbie' by Domi Pinalli 1

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