My Pictures in Words | ‘Afro Couture’ by Jason Hall

April 05, 2023

“For the Afro Couture collection, our aim was to showcase both Jason’s trademark hair creations, as well as Compton’s distinctive garment designs. We took inspiration from African culture, designed to meet the modern aesthetic.

We chose to shoot in studio, lighting the models against a textured backdrop, which helped add that specific earthy, natural feel that we wanted to give the images. Capturing the models both in strong confident poses, as well as in movement, allowed us to capture the way the material of the clothing and the hair moved with the body.

So strong was the final selection of images, we chose to publish the full body shots to showcase Compton’s wardrobe creations, as well as the closer crops, to show the details in the hair creations that Jason had created.

Add in some great high end makeup skills by Paulina, with models working at the top of their game, and we had a shoot where all of the right creative elements came together perfectly on the day, making it a really worthwhile collaboration to be involved in.”

Hair: Jason Hall
Clothes designed by Compton Quashie
MUA: Paulina Siembor
Styling: Jerome Kasusula
Photography: Lee Howell
Products: L’Oréal Professional

My Pictures in Words | ‘Afro Couture’ by Jason Hall 1