More than a Haircut…

December 12, 2022

A recent study from consumer goods company Kao reveals that salon visits improve personal wellbeing. Surveying women that visit the hairdresser at least once a quarter, the results found that trips to the salon not only benefit our outer appearances, but fulfil important social and psychological functions too. 

Currently accounting for a yearly turnover of £5.5bn in the UK, with a workforce of 150,000, the salon industry has proven to provide crucial services to communities across the country. However, the sector is still suffering from the consequences of the pandemic, with further economic challenges arising due to the current inflation and the rising cost of living. Despite this financial climate, 57 per cent of customers say they want to maintain what they spend on visits to the salon.

The survey highlights that nearly 70 per cent of the nation find salon visits a vital opportunity for self-care, and 51 per cent deem the relationship they share with their hairdresser as close as that of a friend. These results provide insights into the overall social relevance of an industry that offers more than just a simple haircut. 

More Than a Haircut

Dominic Pratt, Global President of Kao Salon Division, comments: ‘The survey results confirm that hairdressing is about more than just craftsmanship: it is about relationships and giving people something that makes them feel good on the outside and inside. We want to show that the industry not only has economic value, but also social value; we want to illuminate how fulfilling it is to work in this profession.’ 

In effort to elevate the reputation of the salon industry, Kao has released a mini-documentary produced by BBC StoryWorks as part of the ‘In Pursuit of Wellness’ series. The short film, titled ‘Confidence Through Craftsmanship’, features two Kao partner salons: Jack & the Wolfe in the UK and Id Salon in the US. This high-profile initiative focuses on the holistic wellness aspect of hairdressing, with topics including: the effect of boosting confidence and clients’ self-esteem; the trust they place in their hairdresser, the bond that forms; and the feeling of being valued and respected as an individual. 

Watch the film here: