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MONAT Show its Gratitude to the NHS

April 09, 2020

Premium, vegan beauty brand MONAT continue to support and make a difference in their local communities through their Gratitude programme by supporting the NHS locations around the country.

MONAT Gratitude seeks to promote the values of giving back in not only through its corporation, but with their MONAT Market Partners all over the world.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, MONAT will be supporting the NHS and demonstrating its Gratitude programme, by donating thousands of the MONAT Colour Enhance shampoo and conditioners to new beauty support initiative We C U 2020, founded by beauty journalist, Lauren Ezekiel. Like all of us, Lauren has seen how desperate the NHS are for toiletries, gloves and masks and wondered what she could do to help.

The main mission of We C U 2020 is to spread thanks, positivity and beauty products, and she is working around the clock to support the NHS staff, who work tirelessly to keep our nation safe.

“These workers are not going home and seeing their family, they are only grabbing a few hours of sleep here and there and they do not have time to order or claim their free products. That is the reality! I don’t know about you, but I’m struggling to sleep at night thinking that these incredible people are not only saving lives, they are risking theirs. MONAT has been very generous in their donation to help our NHS workers gain the essentials they’re finding hard to get either through lack of time to shop for these items.  It’s great to see the beauty industry pulling together and sharing their products – the MONAT Gratitude Programme is such a great idea and it’s wonderful to have their support” Lauren Ezekiel, founder, We C U 2020

Alongside it’s support for We C U 2020, MONAT is also donating hundreds of its MONAT More than a Gift Set – that includes a body bar, hair and body mist, hand cream and body butter, to local hospitals in London, Essex and Southampton.

MONAT® is available to buy from monatglobal.com and MONAT Market Partners nationwide