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Mill Hill Salon gets a new look | HOB Salons

November 05, 2019

HOB Salons, Mill Hill, has undergone a brand-new refit ready for a busy festive season!

The salon, which first opened in 1983, is the original salon in the group and is also one of the busiest in its portfolio.

Now, the 950sq ft space has been given a modern, practical and minimal refurbishment creating more space for the team to work in.

Creative Director, Akin Konizi explains: “We wanted to create the feeling of more space, but not necessarily more stations. Structurally, we knocked down interior walls and created a more comfortable environment for clients and our team.” Some £105,000 was spent on the new-look salon, with new Pietranera backwash units and Takara Belmont Adria II styling chairs.

The colour scheme is now a traditional and neutral cream and grey, which lends itself to the calming oasis. Now, the décor, furniture and floor layout come together to create a haven of relaxation and warmth. The muted flooring and concrete panels also bring warmth and character to the salon.

“Opening up the salon has made it feel so much bigger without losing its personal touch. Everything is new – from the reception desk to the coffee cups. Changing simple things like the colour scheme has made the salon feel more welcoming and modern and moving zones such as the backwash area has created a more relaxing and private space,” explains Akin.

Akin’s top tips for refurbishing an existing salon

1 Your new-look salon has to stand the test of time so always invest in key pieces. It might mean a bigger outlay initially but will be worth the money in the long run.

2 Look at the floorplan as a simple rectangle and see where you can move or knock down walls to create more space.

3 Choose a warm, modern and timeless colour for the décor.

4 Sit in styling chairs and backwash units until you find one that suits you. Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

5 If you create more space don’t be tempted to fill it with more furniture. Consider the work journey your team have every day, that extra space can mean it’s a much nicer environment to work in.