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Making your marketing talk to the right people!

September 09, 2021

Business consultant Phil Jackson from Build Your Salon, offers these tips for making the most from your marketing

You may already know that I am something of a Salon Marketing Junkie, self-confessed. Plus I am VERY nosey so I probably notice salon marketing a little bit more than the average person. Unfortunately, what I’m seeing can be very disappointing!

I love our fantastic, vibrant industry but all of that creativity, all of that spark seems to disappear when it comes to our marketing. I think the most common problem is that we haven’t adequately identified who the marketing is supposed to be speaking to. And that can have serious consequences.

If you’re lucky your un-targeted marketing will just disappear without trace.  But if you’re unlucky you may actually be alienating your target market by not talking to them in a way that they can relate to. So how do we make sure that we’re hitting the right buttons?

A very common way of doing it is using something called customer avatars. Imaginary people that have a set of characteristics that you believe identify your target market. Let me give an example.

In my own salon, my most important customer avatar is Jenny and I know quite a bit about her. Jenny is 49, she’s on her second marriage and married to Rob, she has two children of University age.  I know where she works, where she shops, the car she drives, where she gets her news and I know her broad political opinions.  most importantly, I know what she is dissatisfied with and how my salon helps her (spoiler – it’s NEVER to do with your services!).

When I’m communicating, when I’m sending marketing out into the big wide world I don’t just write a Facebook post and I don’t just put a flyer together. I write a Facebook post specifically to Jenny, I put a flyer together with her in mind.  That brings two really big advantages.

Firstly it means that you’re hitting those buttons we were talking about earlier because you’re talking to Jenny in a way that she relates to.

Secondly it adds a consistent voice to all your marketing across all platforms. Every time you do a Facebook post, a blog, flyer or newspaper article you’re talking in the same tone and with the same customer in mind – that helps build brand identity for your salon too.

The easiest way to get started is to have a look at the clientele that you already have. Then start to refine by surveying your clients just one aspect at a time.  Have a checklist on reception and ask your ideal clients what radio station they listen to.  Or their favourite local restaurant.  Over time your avatar will evolve and refine and you’ll get a better and better idea of who you’re talking to.

So get stuck in there! Have some fun with your customer avatars, it’s supposed to be a light hearted exercise and bring a little bit of that joy into your market as well.