Love Island Locks with Jay Birmingham

June 22, 2023

Once again, the gorgeous Maya Jama has taken presenting to a whole new level on this year’s hit reality tv show, Love Island.

We caught up with her celebrity hairdresser, Jay Birmingham, to get the styling low-down for this year’s opening show.


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‘For this look, I created a classic, voluminous, brushed-out, Hollywood style to pair perfectly with her fresh white dress and ruby red lip. This is one of my favourite styles to create for Maya; it’s a show-stopping look which is sure to catch attention from many.

Here’s how I created the look:

As filming is in Majorca, preparation is key to ensure the hair maintains its volume and doesn’t drop. To begin, I prepped the hair using the Jay B Haircare Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner which includes Argan oil to help tame frizz, add shine and promote elasticity.

Next, I worked a professional volume mousse into the hair, this helps the style last for much longer. I then began blow-drying using a large barrel brush, focusing the heat at the root of the hair to create further volume. Top tip: lift the hair when applying heat – this helps encourage volume and lift!

Next, I added 20-inch Beauty Works clip-in extensions in the shade ‘Ebony’ for extra thickness. I sectioned the hair and used the Beauty Works Professional Styler to give it that extra volume, wrapping  the tong on a high heat before turning it off to give the curls a chance to cool and set. I then used large rollers to make the curls tighter and help promote a long-lasting look. When removing the rollers, I finished by combing the curls to create that bouncy, effortless look, before giving the hair a generous spritz of professional hairspray to ensure Maya’s look remained in place for the entire show!’


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