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Lonely at the Top | Tina Hollis

November 03, 2023

Owning a salon is no walk in the park. With an ever-changing set of expectations and unique challenges, the job seems to become more and more difficult every day. We caught up with Tina Hollis, aka the Lonely Boss Lady, to find out what she thinks are the top three industry challenges faced by salon owners right now…

1. Staff!
One of the most common concerns for salon owners today is finding and retaining skilled staff. The hair and beauty industry is highly competitive, and recruiting talented stylists can be a real headache. I don’t think you’ll come across any industry forum that doesn’t involve salon owners discussing their struggles with recruitment!

Offering a positive work environment and ongoing education are key elements in helping to attract top talent, along with a good hourly rate and strong commission. But with such a high number of stylists opting for self-employment, recruitment is currently more challenging than ever! Plus, with many salons now offering the rent a chair system, it’s important for owners to approach the hybrid set up with sensitivity and respect for all forms of employee. To prevent any crossed wires on the salon floor, ensure you seek out the right advice from the people in the know.

2. Rising Energy and Product Costs
Maintaining a comfortable environment for both customers and staff is crucial for the salon experience. As a result, increasing energy prices are creating a real challenge for salon owners across the country. These rising costs can squeeze profit margins, making it difficult for many salon owners to reinvest in their business, hire staff or even hit their break-even markers.

Whilst shopping around is encouraged, business contracts aren’t easy to get out of. With the added pressure of product costs rising too, salon owners are having to look into their own pricing structures, often creating a fear of losing customers. Don’t worry, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve to ensure best profitability!

3. Marketing and Online Presence
In this digital age, having a strong online presence and effective marketing strategy is essential. Hairdressers are no longer just hairdressers; we have to create “instagramable” shots and videos to please the public and grow a following. However, salon owners often struggle with maintaining a modern website, consistently uploading to a social media stream and managing online reviews.

Taking the time to invest in these areas can make a significant difference in attracting new clients and retaining loyal ones, but in a busy salon owner’s life, it’s just another item added to the list! To help ease the pressure, some owners delegate this task to receptionists and other staff members – this also illustrates trust within the team. Ultimately, it’s important to recognise the salon’s branding and message at all times.

With a passion for sharing her knowledge and support with other salon owners, Tina hosts monthly free online support groups. Aimed exclusively at salon owners, the sessions are designed to remind listeners why they got started on this path, as well as sharing tips, tricks and advice on remaining positive and running a successful salon.

Tina’s next session takes place online next Monday 6th November at 7pm, sign up for free here

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