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Leaf Scissors Provide Tool Donation for the Next Generation

March 31, 2022

Leaf Scissors is helping future stylists get the most out of hairdressing education by donating its scissors to a ground-breaking training initiative.

Renowned across the globe for his exceptional education, Paul Falltrick is reigniting a UK-based training academy, in partnership with Ministry of Hair. Leaf Scissors understands that achieving higher levels of change starts at the root and so have agreed to gift repurposed scissors to ensure the students can learn with the best possible equipment.

There are few factors more important in hairdressing than having access to high quality tools which help produce the most professional results. Scissors are one of the biggest and most important investments in a hairdresser’s kit bag – yet many young stylists simply can’t afford the premium price point. Leaf Scissors recognise that powerful partnerships and the willingness to work together is an integral part of what makes the professional hair industry such an amazing place to be, and hope that this brand-new collaborative approach will encourage a knock-on effect.

‘As a leading educator, there is nothing worse than teaching new techniques and precision cutting only to watch the hair ‘bend’ because of poor equipment’ says Paul Falltrick. ‘This donation from Leaf Scissors will give young underprivileged stylists a huge step forward in their career, helping them learn with the best possible equipment and in turn, helping to boost confidence during their training.’

Leaf Scissors Founder, Steve McManus says ‘At Leaf, we believe that every hairdresser should have access to the highest quality tools and equipment. We offer our tools on a subscription basis, which makes them more affordable to all. At the end of the subscription, people usually upgrade and return their old pair to us, for us to re-use and help others. We are excited to be working with Paul Falltrick and the MOH academy by gifting their students some of our re-purposed scissors, which can help them learn and grow their hairdressing skills. We hope this initiative will enable the future stars of the industry to appreciate the importance of amazing tools!’


Leaf Scissors Provide Tool Donation for the Next Generation 1