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Latest Update on Regulations in England

July 29, 2021

As you may be aware, in line with Step 4 of the Prime Minister’s Roadmap, the Contact Detail Regulations were revoked on 19 July 2021. This means that venues are no longer legally required to ask customers and visitors to check in.

However, the Venue Alerts system will remain in place and will remain in Government guidance. They still strongly encourage you to follow the processes which you have in place to request contact details from visitors and customers who are non-app users and display an NHS QR code poster.
This will support Government’s public health and economic objectives: stopping the spread of COVID-19, protecting society and enabling businesses to stay open.

It’s important to note that “checking in” to a venue will not result in a notification to self-isolate. This process will inform users if they have visited a venue on the same day as multiple people who have later tested positive for COVID-19, and will provide them with public health information, helping them to identify outbreaks and prevent those who are symptomatic from further spreading the virus. Many venues already have these systems in place, which is supporting NHS Test, & Trace and helping to ensure future restrictions on businesses are not needed.

Under current legislation it is a legal requirement to isolate if NHS Test and Trace contact someone. However, it is not a legal requirement if someone is ‘pinged’ by the app and that data is not shared with Government.

However, the Prime Ministers official spokesman said it was critical people isolate when they are told to do so, including by the app. Confusing or what?

There are many calls from businesses to bring forward the date of 16th August, when there will be no need to isolate if you have been double jabbed, but what about those that have had only one jab or none at all at that time? Where does that leave salon/shop owners?

So, to keep your business operating it is extremely important, although not a legal requirement, we recommend that salons and barbershops, and all hair professionals continue with their hygiene regime; Wearing a face mask, washing of hands, sanitising each work station after use and keeping the premises as well ventilated as is possible.

We will continually lobby to and work together with the Department, MPs and Ministers to get further clarity on these and many other issues surrounding this impossible situation but in the meantime if we can help in any way, please do contact us.