Kaleidoscopic Colour

June 04, 2019

Every year the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final show stuns the crowds with captivating lighting, effects, music and of course awesome hairdressing talent. This year was no different with the theme of Kaleidoscopic Colour, art directed by Tim Hartley, Luke Pluckrose from SAKS & Jo Cree Brown from Trevor Sorbie, set to astound guests on the night.

Tim Hartley took inspiration from the strong bold colours that replicate the Kaleidoscope, ‘Multi-coloured Infinity’ looked at pattern and reflection with a nod to the dance club scene. Luke deconstructed the Kaleidoscope with inspiration from geometric elements used to form iconic feminine silhouettes, throwing light and creating colour. Jo Cree Brown of Trevor Sorbie ended the show with ‘Prisms of Light’ with a focus on light reflection, colour graduation and warping.

Check out the slideshow below to see the amazing work!