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Just Hair Insurance | Temporarily Unoccupied Properties due to COVID-19

April 27, 2020

For those of our members covered under the ‘Just Hair’ insurance policy scheme, please see below in bold the latest information from the insurers regarding ‘temporarily unoccupied properties’ due to Covid-19.

If you are not insured through the ‘Just Hair’ policy scheme, please check with your insurers to confirm their requirements regarding ‘temporarily unoccupied properties’, to ensure you know exactly what is required of you to comply with your individual policy.

Temporarily Unoccupied Properties due to COVID-19.

No requirement to inform Insurers whilst your premises are temporarily unoccupied and the existing level of cover will continue for a period of 90 consecutive days from the date the premises was closed. 

Risk Management requirements will still apply after 45 consecutive days of temporary unoccupancy, with the exception of compulsory inspection at times when customers are unable to do so safely. 

Customers will be required to inspect such premises when they are next able to do so safely around this period, and maintain logs of this activity. We would however, advocate that any theft attractive stock and tools/equipment that can be secured within a locked room/basement, thus not on display, is something that should be reviewed now. 

Please ensure that any Contents, Stock and Equipment stored in a basement/cellar, are stored at a height not less than 15cm above the floor to ensure compliance with Policy wording. 

Many thanks for your patience and keep safe. 

Just Hair Insurance