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Jo Robertson’s Top Five Tips For Salons

March 31, 2020

In this time of uncertainty and unease, Wonderful Brands Education Director Jo Robertson has put together her top tips for salon owners and hairdressers to keep the ball rolling. She’s also kindly included one of her Business Club modules totally free of charge here!


  • Log on and learn

We all have more time right now – something that’s usually a luxury when running a busy salon. Think about how you can use this time to upskill yourself and your team. Lots of brands are offering free online tutorials that cover everything from colouring and cutting to business tips and retailing. For our brands such as ELEVEN Australia and Yellow, we have organised tutorials on Instagram and Facebook Live – bringing in guest artists and industry pros to share their skills. I’m also offering ‘One to One’ education sessions via Skype across many of our brands. Gaining industry knowledge will help you to return to business feeling revived and full of inspiration – ready to service your clients with a newfound motivation.

  • Seek Support

This is an unprecedented time. None of us were prepared. I know many salons have felt on the back foot, unsure of the correct way to do things for their team and customers. My advice is to seek guidance from business professionals that will help you weather the storm and prepare for when we get the green light. I’m currently sharing modules from my Jo Robertson Business Club that gives salons lots of tips about continuing your customer service strategy and ensuring your team feels supported.

  • Stay social

Social media is incredibly powerful platform, now more than ever, to shout about your business and remind current and potential customers of your services. With more time to cultivate content, you should think about the type of posts, videos and information you can share and engage with on social media. Your customers will appreciate being kept in the loop, and you may even attract a new audience, boosting business once your doors reopen.

  • Keep the conversation going

While hairdressers are unable to see their clients face to face, that doesn’t mean the channels of communication shouldn’t remain open. Stay in touch with your clients through email or via social media. Talk consistently to customers about your services, support them with tutorials and offering advice – even the box colour questions! It’s much better to be informed, ensuring that clients can speak honestly and return back.

  • Keep calm and carry on!

This too shall pass. Use our fabulous network of hairdressers as much as you can to keep your spirits high. You will be no good to anyone if you don’t look after your own well-being and mental health. Engage with the fun and silly industry tags on social media, keep talking to your team, clients and retail account managers. Start planning all those things you want to do with the business but never had the time – now is the time!