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Jim Shaw’s top FIVE winter haircare and grooming tips

December 23, 2020

Just like woman, men also need to provide their hair, including their facial hair, with extra TLC and care during the winter months, when the weather can dry out our hair and skin.

In this piece I outline my top tips I always recommend to male client’s during the winter months to keep their hair and skin looking its best and in its most pristine condition to survive the season.

1. Avoid over washing the hair which can strip natural oils and dry the hair out. This goes the same for the clients beard – they should not be over washing and a gentle beard cleanser should be used. With both the beard and hair, always advise clients not to have the water too hot to avoid stripping the natural oils and the hair going brittle.

2. Use oils and serums in the hair and throughout facial hair the winter months can lead to drying out of the skin and scalp, dandruff and irritation.

Always advise your clients to use an oil or serum to give their hair and skin added moisture and nourishment.

3. Condition a lot of men do not use a conditioner and simply shampoo their hair, but during the winter months in particular a conditioner is a must, as well as a weekly hair treatment.

These will keep hair in its best condition and will avoid further damage and split ends, keeping the hair feeling smooth and providing shine.

4. Regular trims regular trims are key to keeping hair looking and feeling its best during the winter months.

Always try to ensure you book your clients in for their next couple of appointments whilst they’re in the salon, as this will keep their hair and any facial hair maintained and free from split ends.

5. Beard maintenance a tip that a lot of male clients need to know about.

Just like you should not rub hair dry, a beard should be patted dry to absorb excess water and to avoid any damage or irritation being done to the beard.

Brushing the beard with a comb regularly is also key to keep it looking its best and to promote healthy beard growth and should be recommended to clients to do daily.