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Jim Shaw’s Curly Hair Tips, MT Masterclass and Get the Look with Tia Gentles

January 24, 2024


With the colder weather causing curls to look dry and frizzy, now is certainly the time to give them some extra love and care. We spoke to award-winning men’s hairdresser, Jim Shaw, to learn some top tips for caring for curls this season…

Deep condition: Encourage clients to use deep-conditioning hair masks and leave-in conditioners as often as they can. This will replenish lost moisture and keep curls looking strong and healthy.

Maintain trims: By booking in for regular trims, clients can prevent split ends. This is essential in keeping curls healthy and bouncy.

Skip the heated styling where possible: The combination of cold weather outside and central heating indoors can cause the hair to become dry and dull. With this in mind, it’s best to avoid heated styling tools to prevent causing extra damage.

Opt for protective styling: Explain to clients the benefits of protective styling for their curls. As well as looking incredibly chic, braids, twists and buns are brilliantly protective styling options.

Use a hair oil for extra nourishment: Hair oils are a great way to give the hair extra moisture, plus they can also be used to help seal split ends.


‘To create this look, I blow-dried the top of the hair smooth using my Denman D81M Style and Shine brush. Next, I applied L’Oréal Techni-Art Mousse, moulding the front of the hair around the face with the Denman D91 Back Comb Brush and the Denman D92 Edge Tamer. I pinned this in place and used a hair net and hairdryer to dry it. Once set, the pins were removed and we were ready to shoot.’

‘For this look, I knew I wanted a strong, single-length bob with a sharp fringe. I also wanted the fringe to sit slightly wider than normal, opening the face up instead of hiding it behind the hair. To style this out, I blow-dried with the Denman D38 Power Paddle brush. I then straightened the hair before running it through with the Denman D91 Edge Tamer to help keep any flyaways down. Finally, I used mini clippers to make sure the lines of the bob and fringe were both as sharp as possible.’

A Virtual Visionary

Melissa Timperley has launched an app which promises users a ‘professional bootcamp’ in precision cutting. Available on Apple and Android devices, MT Masterclass is an extension of Melissa’s one-day precision cutting course which has been running monthly in Manchester throughout 2023. Bringing together a series of step-by-step videos demonstrating some of her most requested cuts – including the one-length bob, pixie cut, face-framing layers and the ‘InstaFringe’ – MT Masterclass offers the opportunity to enhance your cutting confidence and help refine your cutting techniques.

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Kerasilk Liquid Cuticle Filler wins Bronze in the Best Styling Product category at the Get the Gloss Beauty Awards 2023. Judged by a panel of 24 experts and spanning across various categories, the awards recognise and celebrate the leading beauty products in the industry.

Having become a trusted ally for both salon professionals and individuals looking to achieve salon-worthy results at home, the spray works to rebuild the hair surface for long-lasting structural recovery of the cuticle.

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“I didn’t see this coming at all! For someone who is such a style icon, I think it’s great for Harry to shock the masses and do something outside of his norm. I’m also guessing this is now going to spark a huge trend, but the last thing we want is for clients to start picking up clippers and butchering their own barnets! My advice to barbers on these shaved haircuts would be to educate clients on how to best decide on the correct length. Face and head shape, for example,
should be seriously taken into consideration. Bring on the skinhead!”



To usher in the Year of the Dragon in 2024, Oribe Hair Care has introduced two new limited-edition gift sets exclusively for Lunar New Year. Presented in custom-crafted boxes designed by the Australian-Chinese artist Chris Chun, the gift sets are available in both the Magnificent Volume and Hair Alchemy Liter lines.

Conveying a sense of gratitude, joy and great prosperity for the year ahead, the maximalist packaging features lush paintings of peony roses in rich jewel tones, alongside la mariposa blanca, the national flower of Cuba, where co-founder Oribe Canales was born.

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