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Jim Shaw | Top Five Tips for Men with Grey Hair

August 13, 2020

Grey hair is becoming more and more on trend, particularly with men, and can look incredibly stylish when maintained properly.

Grey hair is not only great for mature men who want to embrace their greys but also for younger men as it looks incredibly fashionable and gives a cool and modern twist to their hair. Below I outline my top tips to advise clients on to keep their grey looking its best as possible, and also tips that should be recommended to older men who want to grow out their current colour and embrace their greys…

1. For men who are going grey and have decided to embrace their greys, one of my top tips is to advise them to opt for a shorter haircut.

This will allow any coloured hair to grow out quicker and also there won’t be as much of a contrast between the coloured hair and the grey hair as it comes in in comparison to if the client’s hair is long.

A short, textured cut in particular will look best, where the hair has more volume and movement. For younger men the haircut is also incredibly important to ensure their hair still has a youthful appearance. Pompadours, side partings and fades look great with grey hair and keep the hair looking youthful and modern.

2. For men with grey hair, always recommend that they use a silver shampoo.

I always advise grey haired clients use this once or twice per week maximum, which will avoid the grey having any brassy tones and will keep it looking vibrant and full of shine.

3. Grey hair tends to lack shine due to the lack melanin, therefore, it’s also important to recommend products to grey haired clients that provide condition and shine.

Hair oils and serums in particular are really great for giving the hair shine and further vibrancy and also hair masks and conditioning products that can be used once a week to keep the great looking vibrant, nourished and healthy at all times. Try to suggest to your male clients to avoid using products with a matte finish, as these will make the grey look dull.

4. For younger men, try to discuss opting for lighter blonde tones first before trialling grey/silver in their hair.

This way, they can see if it works for them and their skin tone and they can also have these highlighted pieces toned further down the line to update their look instantly.

5. If your client has a beard make sure to also discuss this with them and how this can be tailored to compliment their grey hair.

I find that it’s best to keep the beard neatly trimmed and contoured instead of long and messy, as it will give this whole look a cooler and sophisticated appearance.