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Jim Shaw | Tips & Hairstyles for Men who are Thinning and Balding

September 10, 2020


Hair thinning and balding is very common with men and can be a sensitive topic. It’s important that you have built trust with the client before discussing this with them and you have the knowledge and expertise to inform them on what they should do next.

If the case of thinning or balding is serious, your client may need to see an experience trichologist. However, for a lot of male clients, they are looking for a quick fix and tips on how they can hide thinning and balding when it starts.

Below are some of the tips and advice I provide to clients and hairstyles I recommend to clients who are looking for ways to disguise any bald spots and thinning areas of their hair…

1. Talk to your client about their lifestyle.

Hair thinning can be caused by a change in lifestyle, therefore, it’s important for you to discuss with your client if they have had any significant changes to their diet.

Healthy hair and a healthy scalp start from within, so it’s important that clients are aware they should drink as much water as possible, that they should have a healthy diet with protein, iron and vitamins such as vitamin C and that they do regular exercise to increase circulation and avoid hair thinning.

2. Advise your clients on the best hair products.

To ensure hair is as healthy as possible and in order for it to grow, clients need to be aware of how to look after their hair properly with the right maintenance and care products.

Always speak to your client about how important it is to use a heat protecting spray when using any heat on their hair and also talk to them about treatments that they can use at home to avoid further hair damage and breakage.

It’s also important to discuss with your male clients using heated styling tools and to try to limit using these where possible to ensure the hair is in best condition as possible. Texturising sprays are a great alternative to use heated styling irons to create texture and movement.

For clients who do feel their hair is thin and needs more volume, recommend volumising products such as texturizing sprays and volumising powders and waxes are also beneficial.

3. When it comes to men with hair thinning and balding, it’s really common that men will try to keep their hair long or quiff their hair over to try and disguise any thin spots or receding hairlines.

This can actually do the opposite effect and make the area more noticeable. I always recommend to my clients to try and cut their hair as low as possible and opt for something like a buzz cut or a hairstyle such as an undercut that’s shorter at the sides and back and longer at the front to allow for a more seamless blend.

4. As well as talking to your clients about haircuts that will help disguise any thinning/balding, you may also want to discuss with your clients about facial hair.

Beards are great for drawing attention away from your clients scalp and will also give a more balanced look if your client has shorter hair on top and some length to their facial hair.

This is also a very on trend look today and can also give your client a more youthful appearance.

5. Speak to your client about washing and brushing – when hair thinning and balding begins its important that your clients wash their hair regularly.

Washing your hair keeps your scalp clean and avoids any product build up, dandruff or infection in the scalp that can lead to the hair becoming damaged and ultimately, the hair falling out.

Ensure that when your clients are washing their hair that they are also using good, professional hair products that will give the hair the nourishment it needs. Volumising shampoos are also beneficial for men who want to give their hair a thicker appearance. If a client has longer hair they may also brush their hair regularly.

It’s so important male clients are made aware of how aggressive brushing can lead to damage and hair breaking easily and that they should always be gentle when brushing their hair, especially when it’s wet and at its weakest.

Try to suggest to your male clients using combs with wide teeth that will glide through the hair more easily and will be a lot gentler.