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Jim Shaw | Preparing for after Lock Down

May 18, 2020

Now is such an uncertain time and we don’t know what the future holds or when we will be out of lockdown.

However, for me, it’s important to be a step ahead, preparing for the future and that the salon, my team and I are all ready to open as soon as we’re allowed to and have all the right policies and procedures in place.

In preparation for when we will reopen, we have started to implement some new things in the salon, to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and client’s at all times.

We’ve also taken the time during this isolation period to give the salon a new, fresh and improved look and to make sure the salon looks and feels as comfortable as possible for clients as soon as they’re able to come back in the door.

During the lockdown period we have painted the whole salon, gutted the staff room and thrown out all mugs and cutlery, replacing them with new ones. The staff bathroom has also been freshened up with new paint, a new toilet seat and the tiles have been scrubbed and new grout applied to freshen the room up.

The washing machine and tumble dryer have also received a deep clean. The main focus with the re decorating and revamping of the salon has been to make sure the salon looks very clean and clinical.

Cleanliness in the salon has always been incredibly important to us but when we reopen we will be cleaning religiously, cleaning more than ever and taking this to another level, whilst letting client’s see that we are doing this so they always feel safe and comfortable.

In terms of new things we have brought into the salon to help with social distancing measures, we have added Perspex screens at the desk in the salon and have also added screens in between each basin.

For the added safety of client’s we have ordered packs that will include two paper towels, a paper gown and a paper cup, all sealed and given to each client as they come into the salon.

Clients will also be asked to fill out a form asking questions such as if they have had the virus and if any of their family members have had the virus. There will be about 6 questions in total.

Each section in the salon will have sanitizer for the use of staff and clients whenever required. If a client wishes to purchase any products at the end of their appointment, this can be done, however, we have now moved our product stands to the reception are so that only the receptionist can touch these and provide them to the client.

If it’s a nice day and we have good weather, we will be keeping doors open throughout the salon so clients do not need to touch the door handles.

For our staff, there will also be a lot of new measures in place. We have ordered masks and aprons for staff to wear at all times and we have also put staff rotas in place so that not as many staff are in at the same time as they usually would be.

The team will also have 15 minute gaps in between each of their clients, allowing them to be able to clean and sanitise sections effectively and charts have also been made for the team with a rotation on who is to clean the toilets and when. Signatures will be required to ensure the toilets have been cleaned every hour.

In implementing all of these measures, we hope our clients will feel a lot more at ease to come to the salon when lockdown is over and will trust us and know that we are doing our best to ensure the salon is as clean and safe as possible.

During lockdown we have been communicating with our clients as best as we can, sending them texts and emails regularly to keep in touch and let them know what is happening.

As soon as we have any update on when the salon will be able to reopen, one of our first port of calls will be to call our clients and let them know and also keep them informed of all these measures we have put into place.