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Jim Shaw | Long Hair on Men

June 15, 2020

During lockdown, many male clients will be embracing long hair due to not being able to come into the salon for their regular cuts.

Long hair for men is so on trend at the moment already and I think that as salons start to reopen, men will be more inclined to keep their slightly longer hair and will be looking for new styles with length that will suit their face shape and advice on how to style their new longer locks.

In this piece I discuss my favourite longer hairstyles and what face shapes these work for, as well as my top hair styling products for male clients with longer hair.

Mid-length to longer hair this style is definitely making a comeback this season and is perfect for those with square and oval faces, softening the face shape.

This look is best for clients who have allowed their hair to really grow during the lockdown period. Adding in some layers will give texture to the hair and finishing with a simple texturizing spray to add more texture and volume will finish this style perfectly.

Little styling is required for this look but it’s important to advise client’s to come into the salon for regular trims to keep hair looking its best and also to advise these clients to use hair masks and conditioners to ensure the ends of the hair are in best condition.

Long quiff with shorter sides – this style has been popular amongst men for some time now and remains popular for 2020.

This style requires some grooming and can look great with added length and thickness on top that clients may have achieved during lockdown. However, with hair longer on top, and a structured look like this, it can really draw attention to the face shape, so this look is best for those with a more structured face shape, like square, to show off that jaw line.

For longer face shapes, this look may not be ideal, as well as those with circle or heart face shapes that may prefer to add softness to their face. These kind of looks require more styling and the use of volumising products like powders and also pomades or waxes to provide height and hold.

Slicked back – slicked back hairstyles are becoming more on trend, where a hairdryer can be used to slick the hair back off the face and finished with a gel or serum for hold and shine.

Styles like the slick back with undercut are also becoming popular giving the trend a more contemporary finish. This hairstyle can be worn in a variety of different ways and is great particularly for those with curly hair. For those with straight hair, adding texture into this look is also a fantastic option.

This style looks great for a lot of face shapes, however, being a rounded hairstyle this can enhance the roundness of those with rounder face shapes that they may want to avoid.

For clients with curly hair and a natural texture, I think now is the time they should be embracing this. Upsell in the salon and advise on products to enhance the clients natural texture, whether it’s with a salt spray, mousse or powder texturiser to add a bit more drama to what they already have.

I also think for salons, it’s important to cater more towards men with long hair. Long hair for men is a trend I think will continue to rise and due to this, it’s time to get a lot more involved with using the scissors in the salon instead of clippers for men and also offering additional services to men with long hair such as hair treatment services and more product availability for upselling at the end of the appointment.

Men are becoming a lot more fashion conscious and at the end of the lockdown period they will be looking to come back into the salon to pamper themselves just as much as woman.

So take this time to think of the services you offer to male client’s, and do some research into what men want so that you can be ahead of the game for re-opening.