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Jake Unger and Warren Boodaghian from HOB Academy tantalise with autumnal tones and voluminous waves for a romantic, on-season look

October 30, 2020


Natural level 7/4

Formula 1: System Professional Repair Conditioner Mask 80g

Crazy Colour Orange 30g

Crazy Colour Pinkissimo 5g

1 Start by pre-shampooing the hair, towel dry and comb through.

2 Starting at the nape, take 1-2cm alternate horizontal slices and apply formula 1 from the roots through the lengths and ends. Continue working through towards the crown.

3 From the crown area, take 1-2cm diagonal back slices towards the hairline, applying formula 1 to the roots through the lengths and ends. Once complete, leave to develop for 30 minutes, rinse and remove.


1 Apply mousse to towel-dried hair and blow dry. Once almost dry, re-apply more mousse until the hair is back to a wet stage for a thicker and coarser feel.

2 Finish drying hair using a bristle brush for shine.

3 Crimp the hair until below the temple area, this helps to add volume and structure to the style.

4 Begin sectioning the hair one-inch size sections, then tong each side vertically in the same direction towards the back of the head.

5 Starting at the nape, brush each section through working through the crimped area. When brushing the curls through, be patient until all the hair locks together.

6 Finish with hairspray and shine spray.

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