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Is Your Salon Visibly Inclusive?

June 15, 2023

What better time than Pride Month to evaluate ways salon owners can be as inclusive as possible.

Whilst a gender-neutral price list is a positive step towards a more progressive, open-minded industry, it is important to consider the other ways your business can strive to be more inclusive as a whole…

We spoke to Keri Blue, founder of Human First, to learn five simple ways to ensure all clients feel welcome in your salon:

1. Does your salon have gender-neutral toilets?

If not, and you want to keep the toilets gendered, are there sanitary bins in the men’s room? This is a really small, simple and inclusive step that you can implement instantly.

2. Is there varied representation on your social channels?

Do you show all different types of human beings – genders, races, colours, identities, and cultures?

3. Are your staff trained and aware of pronouns?

Do they know how to use them? If so, are you sure they are being used?

4. Advertise your inclusivity.

Have you put ‘LGBTQIA+’ and ‘Trans friendly safe space’ in your social bios, your google listing and your website? This is the simplest way to let people know they are welcome, regardless of who they are and how they identify.

 5. Check your booking system.

Is there also a gay and/or trans-friendly booking system in place? Does it understand and include the use of pronouns? Having a booking system that prompts pronoun checking is a great way to regularly remind your team about how important they are.

Even the smallest steps can play a large part in reassuring and supporting others that may not identify with traditional gender labels. Your influence – on both your team and the industry at large – is very powerful. Some changes may take longer than others to implement, but every alteration you make towards a more inclusive business is confirmation that your salon will not tolerate bias or judgement, indicating a positive step towards the eradication of gender stereotypes.

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