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Is Your Hair Spaghetti Straight or Fusilli Corti Curly?

April 13, 2023

KEVIN.MURPHY has launched its most recent product line extension, BLOW.DRY WASH + RINSE, with innovative influencer pasta boxes.

The creative new boxes contain BLOW.DRY WASH + RINSE, the latest addition to the BLOW.DRY line, plus a bespoke KEVIN.MURPHY branded pasta box. Each box is filled with Italian Trader pasta representing the hair type you most identify with. Whether you are spaghetti straight or fusilli corti curly, these influencer boxes really are good enough to eat!

KEVIN.MURPHY is honoured to announce the all-new extension of the brand’s renowned BLOW.DRY collection, BLOW.DRY WASH + RINSE. Designed to work together as a pre-styling regimen to complete the BLOW.DRY look, this shampoo and conditioner will help reduce styling friction before drying the hair, making the hair less vulnerable to damage.

The sulphate-free, repairing and nourishing WASH strengthens hair using Hydrolysed Pea Protein and Wood Bark Complex, before the RINSE forms a protective layer on the hair that guards colour loss and environmental stressors. KEVIN.MURPHY’s Anti-Breakage Technology works in both products to hydrate and protect strands against heat damage – perfect for using pre-styling. 

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