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Is the ‘Shag’ really making a comeback?

September 23, 2021

Fancy a Shag? A question for our industry friends…is the ‘Shag’ really making a comeback? It was met with a resounding YES!  Here are some inspiration, cutting and styling tips for you to use when those clients come knocking.

Is the ‘Shag’ really making a comeback? 1


The Foreplay (inspiration)

Hairdotcom’s Casey Coleman

Shags have been and are currently a big trend. With an increasing amount of requests from clients for the infamous shag, hairdressers are flocking to educators to learn all about how to create these super cool, textured locks. But beware, there is also a trend on how to cut your own Shag, or as they’re calling it on TikTok, the ‘Wolf Cut’. There are masses of people using the video based app showing how to cut one, all by putting your hair into a bobble at the top of the head and cutting it off…. So be prepared to fix some Shags too.

With celebs like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish rocking the trending haircut, it’s pretty impossible to not ask clients if they “fancy a shag”.

The Main Event (cutting)

Sam Burnett, Creative Director, HARE& BONE

We’ve seen a massive surge in client requests for the Shag in our London salon. So much that our Artistic Director, Jamie Benny recently held a training evening dedicated to the Shag. The appeal is that it is a reasonably low maintenance cut that embraces the hairs natural texture and is super stylish. When cut properly it frames the face beautifully and enhances the client’s features. Another reason we are seeing a spike in requests is that the mullet is a popular trend in the fashion world. Filtered down, the Shag offers a great commercial alternative for clients.

The Big Finish (styling)

Emma Simmons, Salon 54

I’m loving the fact that the Shag is making a comeback, more and more clients are opting for this style, it’s so versatile and customisable that it suits most hair types. It’s perfect on wavy and curly textures, as well as medium to thick hair, as the layering technique really enhances natural movement and frames the face to accentuate features. It’s a soft feminine look that’s super easy to maintain, blow-dry with a round brush and volume products, diffuse or air dry. The Shag is super low maintenance and easy for clients to style at home.

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