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Is natural the new normal?

June 24, 2021

After over a year of enforced embracing of our natural locks, we had one question. Is natural the new normal? Here’s what the hairdressing industry had to say…

“In terms of styling, clients are more inclined to experiment with natural styles from having breaks from heated styling tools during the lockdown period but not only that, natural hairstyles are also incredibly on trend at the minute and have been showcased on recent catwalks. Clients are now looking for hair products that can enhance natural styles and this is where us as stylists can chat to our clients about haircuts that can enhance their natural hair texture.”
Suzie McGill, Owner of Rainbow Room International’s Uddingston Salon, Schwarzkopf UK Ambassador and International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International

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“A lot of clients have learnt to love their natural texture and curls in lockdown and are now fully embracing it! Previously some clients would want to disguise their curls –now they are excited to wear their hair in new styles that enhance their curls, and we’re of course teaching them how to look after it at home, including product recommendations such as Aveda’s Be Curly range which is designed to enhance curls, increases shine and reduce frizz.” Robert Eaton, Creative Director at Russell Eaton Salons

“I find that clients are now wanting their overall look to be much softer, versatile and natural. For men we are seeing lots of tight, tapered clean perimeters but maintaining a softer texture throughout for a natural feel. For my female clients, I’m finding that low maintenance haircuts are still the go to. Healthy and polished styles but not overly ‘done’. Clients are asking for that ‘wash and go’ type of vibe that won’t take lots of styling.” James Alfie Parr, Session Stylist

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“I am beginning to see a lot more of my female clients looking for almost ‘wash and go’ haircuts to benefit their natural curl or just amplify and expose some softer texture. I am a big fan of this movement because I think any way to get clients more experimental is better in the long run. Key to this is making sure that they have proper aftercare and better understanding on how and when to use it making retailing products not only easier but significantly more important. I have been doing this by trying to gage a better understanding of my clients desired end result and prescribing the steps to achieve that. I have seen a lot more interest in products such as the Fudge Professional Curl Revolution Mist for those natural curls to keep them looking soft, healthy and defined.”
Jonathan Andrew,
Fudge Professional Paul Mitchell Global Brand

“Now that clients are back in our chairs we can help them with product recommendations and styling tips and tricks to help them get the most from their natural texture, even down to how to remove water from the hair without creating more frizz.” Victoria Panting, Technical Education Consultant for Salon Success

“Clients are embracing their natural colour and texture, which is an exciting new direction and a positive change. It is an opportunity to introduce these clients to new styling tools, home care treatments, toners, temporary sprays…..I really feel it’s a new, exciting journey for the client and the hairdresser.” Kerry Mather, KJM Salons Fleet

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