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Is Having a Niche Good for Your Business?

April 05, 2024

When you enter the world of hairdressing, it seems like everyone has their own niche; many people seem to have a specific skill or talent they’ve spent years perfecting to the highest extent. Now, whilst many stylists believe that specialising in a single aspect of hairdressing is the best way to bring clients in, it’s certainly not the only way to succeed in our industry. We sat down with Alex Thaddeus, a self-proclaimed ‘all-round hairdresser’, to find out why she believes not having a speciality can set you aside from the competition…


Alex has experience in a lot of different ‘niche’ areas, from her award-winning colour skills to her textured work and precision cuts, but she doesn’t feel the need to specialise in a single area any time soon.

“Trying to choose an area to specify in is always hard, but that’s the beauty of hairdressing – you don’t have to stick to one thing!” Alex explains. “I love doing colour, for example, but to make the whole look come together, the cut is also essential.”

Since the beginning of her career, Alex promised herself she was going to learn something new every single day, soaking up every ounce of knowledge that she was given. “Having a niche is a great way to specialise in something that you love, but it’s also important to remember that it’s not a compulsory thing you must have in order to excel. Being an all-rounder is completely fine!

“Not having a niche may feel daunting, but you have to push through! Take me, for example: I’m an all-rounder who has experience in a huge variety of different areas. Some hairdressers find their niche almost instantly and others won’t specialise during their whole career, but that’s okay too! Ultimately, it’s just important that you focus on your own journey and progression, rather than those of your fellow hairdressers.

“Many people worry that not having a niche will drive away clients, but I’ve found it’s actually quite the opposite! I have such a diverse range of clients with a diverse range of needs, so being an all-rounder in my local area really puts me in a unique position. Not having a niche has allowed me to accept new challenges, expand my horizons and continue to learn in an industry that’s always growing.”