In-Salon Hair Loss Services: Are They Worth the Hype?

March 22, 2024

With 80% of all women experiencing some form of hair loss by the time they’re 60 and male pattern hair loss affecting around 85% of men by the age of 50, it’s fair to say that most stylists will see hair loss clients at some point in their career. That’s why Leanne Humphries, Managing Director at the Velvet Rooms in Chobham, believes there are significant benefits to bringing hair loss services in-salon.

“As a hair salon, we are passionate about all aspects of hair. We feel it’s our duty to provide services that look after our clients’ hair, literally from root to tip. We know that hair loss is a common issue for many men and women, so it makes sense to have a service to support them within their salon.

“Rather than recommend a local trichologist – which we believe can sometimes create a disconnect between your services and the trichologist’s course of treatment – we find that an in-salon hair loss service helps to bridge the gap. In turn, this means that we are able to keep up to date with our clients’ treatments and support their journey. Ultimately, we feel that the add-on services that address hair loss specifically can enhance the professionalism of what we have to offer as a salon.

“We work with trichologist Tiffany Hall and her Scalp Scope Service, which allows us to provide the consultation in our salon. Using the device, we take images of the affected areas around the client’s scalp and send them to Tiffany to analyse. Tiffany then contacts the client to talk about treatment plans and provide advice. I find this is great because we can highlight the areas of concern that the client has and pass all that info onto Tiffany and vice versa – all while keeping the client within the comfort of our salon environment!

In-Salon Hair Loss Services: Are They Worth the Hype? 1

“I believe that offering hair loss services is the natural next step for salons. More than anything, it makes hair loss services accessible for clients, particularly that first consultation with their stylist who they know and trust. Offering the service in-salon takes away any uncertainty or self-consciousness that someone might feel when meeting someone new. Hair loss is a sensitive subject and we want to minimise any uncomfortable feelings for the client. We know our clients’ hair and hair history, therefore combining this with a hair loss service that utilises a certified trichologist ensures that the client will receive the most accurate advice and support.”

“Through working with Tiffany, we have also enhanced our retail offering. We now stock the most beneficial products for hair loss (alongside our other retail), with products including detangling brushes, which clients especially love. Whilst the financial benefit is definitely a win for us as a business, it’s actually our reputation that has really supported our growth. Offering a hair loss service gives us an edge over others, helping our salon to differentiate itself from competitors. It shows our clients that we take scalp care and hair loss seriously and we are there to support them.”