How to prevent burnout this Christmas

December 15, 2021

COVID restrictions, last-minute client cancellations and crazy long days can all combine to bring on exhaustion, illnesses and anxiety. So how can you prevent burnout this Christmas? Matrix Artist Ambassador John Anthoney gives his tips on spotting the signs and dealing with it

1 Burnout symptoms can come in many ways, Loss of motivation with the things you normally love, feeling of self-doubt and failure with your work, feeling exhausted, angry or annoyed at the slightest things. Losing our creative drives. It’s important to recognise these signs.

2 We can recognise burnout within ourselves and teams by watching for the following: Easily upset or angered team members; any team member feeling hopeless or having lower levels of motivation.

Listen out for conversations like “I just need to get through this busy season then I will slow down,” or “I haven’t been feeling myself lately.” These are indicators that someone could be feeling burnout and part of preventing team burnout is knowing the signs so you can take action before it gets worse.

3 To avoid burnout with your team have regular one-to-one meetings and get a clearer understanding of people’s stress levels. Ask open questions like, “how is everything going today?” “Tell me about this last week?”

If you suspect people on your team are burnt out, then it’s time to do something about it. When people are going through it they can lose their drive at work. Support your team to take time they may need to recover from burnout.

4 To help avoid burnout in yourself, take regular breaks from technology and social media, set an alarm on your phone for the evening time to put it down.

Don’t feel pressure to be posting every day – Instagram is inundated with Christmas ads and posts so don’t worry if you don’t post for a few days. Enjoy a short walk, exercise in the fresh air. Spend time with loved ones and close friends more often, people that make you smile. Meditate, make healthy balanced meals and keep hydrated.

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