How to Let the Mo’ Grow this Movember!

November 10, 2023

As Movember starts, moustaches everywhere are starting to grow in support of men’s health. But how do you choose the ‘tache for you? We caught up with Murdock London Master Barber, Ben Vowles, to learn his top three tips for growing facial whiskers…

“Choosing a moustache should be a joy not a labour,” Ben says. “Don’t be unsettled by the prospect of alien upper lip hair; if you’re going to sport a moustache for a month for a great cause, then you should approach it with confidence and flair.”

1. Start Afresh

  • There’s nothing like starting afresh – so if you’re doing Movember, it’s best to start with a clean shave. For the full moustachioed effect, keep shaving the rest of your face throughout the month.

2. Don’t be Embarrassed

  • Remember, it’s all for a good cause first and foremost. Don’t let it become a burden, but rather relish in the challenge. Be patient and let the mo’ grow.

3. Pick a Suitable Style

  • Don’t stress too early over heavier, unachievable styles. If the moustache isn’t too thick, you can grow your hair longer and part it to create a thicker looking layer. Alternatively, keep it trim and maintained over the top lip – this gives more structure and a stronger shape. Creating a clean edge both above and below the hair will make it seem thicker.
  • If you’re looking to style with a curl and twizzle, then you should undercut the hair. For longer, more intricate styles keep it under control with a moustache comb. Then, once it’s long enough, you can curl up the ends with some Murdock London Vintage Pomade.

How to Let the Mo’ Grow this Movember! 3

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