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How to get the perfect Royal Red

June 01, 2022

With red hair as popular as ever, there’s a multitude of shades to consider and British Colour Technician of the Year, Siobhan Haug, says there’s a tone to suit everyone. “Dark, rich, cool reds look amazing on olive skin tones, whilst warmer, mahogany or copper-based shades look great on cooler skin tones. And of course, don’t forget auburns for either fair haired or warm skin toned clients – these shades are a beautiful mix of delicacy and shine.”

Reds may be the most high maintenance of tones, but the perfect colour shampoo can make all the difference. “Look for something with a high moisture content and a little oil in it to keep the richness and vibrancy as your client starts to shampoo their colour. My favourite is the label.m Colour Stay, the grape seed oil in it is amazing for maintaining vibrant shades.”

Siobhan’s top tips for working with red hair
1 Avoid using pre lightener where you can – reds fade really fast on hair that’s porous or processed.

2 If you need to lift areas of coloured hair then look for a product that lifts and tones at the same time, like Wella Magma. But to be honest, lengths and ends will have faded by your client’s next appointment, so it’s generally easy to go a shade lighter and brighter on the ends without needing a lightening product.

3 Do advise the best aftercare, even if talking about retail products doesn’t come naturally to you. This is a super important part of a client’s red hair journey and they’ll always be happy to take your advice as they are already invested in their colour! Hair needs a balance of sulphate-free shampoo that won’t strip the colour and a rich moisturising conditioner to nourish hair from root to tips.

4 Ensure your clients protect their colour to fight against colour fade. Recommend a product such as label.m Protein Spray. It’s a UV protector and evens out the porosity of the hair, helping to main red shades for longer.


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