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How to fall back in love with hairdressing

January 28, 2021

Love is in the Hair!

HOB’s International Creative Director Akin Konizi on how to fall back in love with hairdressing.

With the focus on getting back to work, trimming client’s hair and covering grown-out roots, there hasn’t been much time for creativity in 2020. And having to cope with the new rules surrounding PPE, social distancing and local restrictions, it’s been a stressful time for many hairdressers and salon owners.

But as columns start to settle down and business gets back to a new type of normal, it’s the perfect opportunity to get think about why you came into hairdressing in the first place.

Hairdressers are naturally very creative people and hairdressing is all about playing with hair and experimenting with shapes and colours,” says HOB Academy international creative director, Akin Konizi.

“If we don’t have an opportunity to do this, many find it difficult to remain motivated and enthused. The harder aspects of the job take over and we forget why we fell in love with hairdressing in the first place.

There’s a reason hairdressers are some of the happiest people around – but the current climate has meant many people have lost their mojo. Being creative should be a priority even in busy and stressful times. Take some time to play with texture, shapes and colour. It’s a great release, gives us a focus and who knows what masterpiece we will create!”

So if you’re feeling flat, here are six simple tips from Akin to remember why you fell in love with hairdressing.

1 Don’t forget why you came into hairdressing in the first place – making people look and feel beautiful, a chance to transform a style, to work with a fabric every day.

2 Don’t get bogged down by trimming split ends – remember every head of hair is different and every client will want something personal to them.

Whether it’s a bob or mermaid waves, every client should be unique and is an opportunity for you to put your stamp on the style.

3 Your salon team are your work family – remember to spend some time together to laugh and talk. Have a drink or pizza after work, celebrate a birthday or anniversary.

It might be hard at the moment, but it’s the people you surround yourself with that will get you through it.

4 There’s a myriad of online education so choose wisely and be inspired.

If you’re competent in long hair, try tuning into a short hair course; if your hair dressing skills need an update, join a webinar that will boost your dressing skills.

5 Remember the look on your client’s face when you transform their hair – there is no better feeling than making someone feel confident and beautiful.

There are not many careers that can make people feel better about themselves – so be proud that you do this every day.

6 Don’t be scared to pick up the phone – contact a mentor, or someone you admire. Drop them a message, start a conversation and give yourself a little boost.

Kind words mean a lot so tell them why you admire them and ask them for advice, talk to them about their imagery or a memory you share. Being kind and sharing some words with someone you admire will give you a real pick me up.