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How to enhance your client experience

August 04, 2022

Clients come to you to feel better, whether that’s through your expertise in making them look their best, or just for some simple down time. What can you do to enhance their experience?

The client journey

Dan Mewies, Owner of Mewies & Co. offers a spa-like service to allow clients to unwind. We have spent a lot of time researching and understanding our customers wants, needs and lifestyle and this has informed every element of Mewies & Co’s offering. From our product partner, to the interior design and the services offered, our clients are at the heart of every decision made.

Taking our cue from the luxe welcoming spas that have inspired our business, the client journey begins with a meet and greet, with genuine warmth and a focus on letting clients know that they are here for a blissful experience – not ‘just’ a haircut or colour. We want everyone to feel truly welcomed, and we have a dedicated seating area where they can relax, enjoy some personal space and wait with their choice of drink.

A four-step consultation process is next, as we believe that successfully accumulating as much information as possible about each client is key to great results. The process involves a personal greeting, open consultation, education on self-care and the formulation of a bespoke hair spa plan.

The client’s service follows, including the time spent at our hair spa. This involves an eye mask, scented essential oils, head and hand massages and the prescribed plan of products and treatments. We prefer to talk about products in terms of offering advice rather than placing too much pressure on a client to buy. This blissful service is the pinnacle of the visit for most clients, providing true escapism and time to switch off. This is the space that we’re most proud of, with four backwashes divided from the main floor and its own music to create a real sanctuary from the outside world.

Our passion to really understand our customer, sense of community, to build strong relationships with like-minded local businesses and an authentic belief in what we do as a business marks us out as a truly different hairdressing space.

Renewal ritual

“Every Aveda salon offers a ritual of renewal to all clients, no matter what service they are having. We have a range of rituals depending on what the client is looking for; from a stress-relieving hand ritual to a comforting tea ritual to help calm the senses. A guest knows that any Aveda salon they visit will bring them the same experience, wherever they are in the world.”  – Hayley Hughes, National Education Manager for Aveda

Delete distractions

Robert Eaton, Creative Director of Russell Eaton Hair, has a simple technique to make a client’s service all about them. Across our two salons, generally we do not allow our team to have their phones on the salon floor.

This is because the client experience is so important to us and we therefore feel it is vital that our stylists are not distracted by their phone. However, I appreciate that we live in a very different world now and there is a place for capturing salon life, using phones. We are more flexible now than we have been and we’re not opposed to our team using their phone as a consultation tool, but only if this enhances the client experience, or to occasionally record their work.

We have rules to manage this, for example no phone calls or texting on the salon floor. Our clients are always the priority, and we want them to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times – their time in the chair should be all about them and their hair.

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