How switching to disposable towels can benefit your business

December 08, 2021

As well as the hugely important green advantage, We have already seen that switching from cotton towels, gowns and traditional laundry can give you time-savings and space savings in salon but what else can it do for your business? Anne Butterly of Easydry reveals more…

Salons that have switched to disposable towels can expect to see savings in their energy bill and in their water bill, which with the threat of rising utility bills looming, is of huge importance to salons. Using just one box of 900 Easydry Hair Towels for example can give the following savings:

356 kWh in your energy usage saved
4428L of water saved
1800 hours of staff time saved

Even better, with towels and gowns that are 100% compostable you can have the convenience of a disposable product without worrying about the environment. This is a great message to promote to your team and your clients. We recently won the ‘Green Technology of the Year’ Award at the Annual Green Awards. This recognised the innovative technology involved in creating each Easydry towel that performs incredibly well, while still maintaining the highest hygiene and environmental standards. Each one of our towel’s lifetime environmental impact is less that that caused by laundering just one cotton towel, once!

For salons that are concerned about hygiene switching to eco-towels is the answer. Multi-user cotton towels can be a playground for germs and bacteria. The ridges and grooves in cotton towels, are a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria – especially in a warm, damp, salon environment. If cotton towels are not washed at a sufficiently high temperature, germs and bacteria can remain. Our towels, for example, are produced using medical-grade fibres in a clean room environment to guarantee a fresh, clean, hygienic towel for every client, every time.

Eliminating laundry and bulky, stained cotton towels, and reusable gowns means you would no longer need a washing machine, tumble dryer and storage space for cotton towels and gowns. Your laundry room could be converted into another styling station, a beauty room or a room for staff training or a retail area. An average salon should make between 15-30% of their revenue through retail sales. Imagine how much you could achieve if you could convert your laundry room into a larger retail area!

So how else can a move to eco-friendly towels help?

Have you had problems recruiting staff? Industry experts across the UK and Ireland have been concerned about salons experiencing staff shortages for a number of months. Salons that are already struggling with restrictions due to COVID now find that when they can re-open and and begin to get back to normal, staff are no longer available. This problem exists not only at salons, it is also happening at the apprentice level.

So what can salons do? You may be shocked to learn that the average stylist/junior/apprentice may waste thousands of hours per year on laundry alone. This is an incredible statistic! However, when you consider just how much work is involved in laundry in salons – it makes complete sense.

Laundering cotton towels in a busy salon involves: collecting the towels, running a wash cycle (at high temperatures as a COVID precaution), running a tumble-dry cycle, folding and re-distributing towels around the salon. In busy salons, this cycle of work can be repeated 10-15 times per day.

Imagine if you could completely eliminate laundry in the salon and turn that valuable staff time into time spent working on salon clients or receiving training. Salons that use disposable towels and disposable gowns can give staff more training and more time with clients. This is where your staff should be spending their time, not being stuck in the laundry room for hours.

Industry guru on all things sustainable, Anne Veck of Anne Veck Salons has long been a fan of the disposable towel. “Easydry towels make my life so much easier as a salon owner. They cut down completely on staff time for laundry. We don’t have washing machines and tumble dryers running all day long. I’ve got my staff on the salon floor, working instead of folding towels and it creates a really good talking point in the salon with the clients. I absolutely love them.”

And she is not the only salon owner who has seen the many benefits of embracing disposable towels. Jamie Stevens of Jamie Stevens Hair has found similar benefits with staff time being redeployed on training and working on clients. He said: “I’m not paying my assistants to make sure that the tumble dryer is running, the towels are dry etc. It enables them to actually do their job properly. And it enables me to have more time to educate them.”

Watch the Easydry animation “Salon Hygiene” here: