How Our Intention Gives us the Opportunity to Grow and Succeed

February 15, 2023

In the fourth instalment of his thought-provoking series, Andrew Barton considers how our intention gives us the opportunity to grow and succeed…

Our industry, like many others, is currently facing a mountain of challenges. In particular, there is a lot of noise about the lack of skill and the shortcomings of young people joining the industry. Are these fears real or have they always been a challenge?Should it be our intention to solve the issue and make the difference?

We may be challenged by young people coming into the industry, but this is not new – it’s been an issue in the industry for decades! Smart people know that one of the best ways to move forward is to engage with the team and keep them excited about their work, this allows them to build on their individual intentions.

We all start a new year with the intention for it to be the best year yet – and I for one, try to start each and every day with a positive view. I always question what I have to do in order to get to the outcome I want; this is often about appreciating the little things and understanding how others are feeling. What might be holding others back from achieving their intention?

It’s easy to tell an apprentice or colleague that they need to be motivated, but what does that truly mean and how can they succeed in doing that? For me, motivation is about The Three Pillars; they help me stay true to my intention and understand how to get there.

This motivates us to get things done –the fear of getting fired may motivate us to get organised, for example. For me, in my business, it has always worked as a red flag to ensure I stay on top of things, particularly the things I least like doing. I get these out of the way first, giving me time to focus on the things I enjoy.

This motivates us to achieve personal gratification through wealth and pleasure. There is joy that comes from having a good income and being able to buy things we like. This motivates me, for example, to achieve personal targets in the salon. Every time I offer advice to my clients about home care, there is the motivation of monetary gain. Offering clients advice gives us the opportunity to promote further services and expertise, but it also gives the client what they desire – advice.

This motivates us to do the right thing. We all want the same thing – a life filled with joy and meaning. A sense of meaning shows that our actions have purpose and are appreciated by others. Taking responsibility for jobs, projects and others in the salon is a huge motivator and helps us to achieve success.

You may or may not have achieved your New Year’s resolution, but who really needs just the first month of a year to superficially change things up in order to achieve your own goals. Intention is all about the why and the how; it is a guiding beam of light helping us achieve what we need to do.  So, back to hiring that elusive apprentice.

Think about what they want and can expect – will their week simply be filled with washing tint bowls and standing around bored?How quickly could you get them trained to become a hairdresser, or at least contribute to salon life – which is ultimately their INTENTION 

I hope you found this little blowout of mine interesting and that you can take some snips (!) of it with you on your road to success.

Andrew offers an in-salon tailor-designed training service, BARTON BESPOKE, where he’ll visit your salon for a day full of inspiring training all about INTENTION.


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