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Are your team starting to feeling down after re-opening? How mindset can affect your salon post lockdown.

September 10, 2020

Caroline Sanderson is The Salon Jedi and coaches salon owners alongside running her own award-winning salon in Scotland.

She teaches mindset as a foundation to business success and used her time in lockdown to upgrade her academy – the first online training provider to be accredited by The Good Training Guide. 

Here she tells us why mindset matters more than ever post-COVID.

If anyone had told us last year that the world would be in lockdown in 2020, businesses forced to close and the masses walking around in masks we would have said things like ‘don’t be silly, you’re mad, the world would never shut down, the economy would never close, there is no way the government would pay 80% wages’ and so on.

But here we are, and here is one positive to learn from this situation. If our wildest nightmares can become manifest ….so can our wildest dreams!

Now the majority of us have opened our doors again what does the future hold for us? It holds exactly what we expect it to hold.

The thoughts we think , the words we speak and the actions we take today, are creating our tomorrow.

Most of us don’t realise that so many of our thoughts are negative. We have over 60,000 thoughts a day most of which are negative. It’s our human survival mode.

Thoughts are energy and when that’s released the energy is like a magnet attracting more of the same energy to it. You may have heard the saying ‘like attracts like’. When we think a negative thought we attract more of them. We need to interrupt this pattern and consciously move our thoughts to better feeling ones to attract more of them.  When we feel better we take better actions towards our goals.

Let’s look at an example of how our thinking is affecting our future.

Salon owner 1 has used lockdown to learn new skills. Their attitude is that they’re grateful for the time to recharge and create new goals.

They look at exactly where their business was at the point of closing and they ask empowering questions like “what  do I need to fix and what changes do I need to make going forward to build an even more successful salon post lockdown?”

Asking questions like this triggers the subconscious part of the brain that will find answers.

They took time to reconnect with what they really want and switched off from the constant fear from mainstream media and scrolled past negative posts so they can keep their focus on what they want.

Salon owner 2 has spent lockdown in fear.

They’ve been unable to see clearly any path forward because the brain can’t think clearly or find solutions while in fear.

They have spent day after day watching and reading the news, reading any article that pops up in their live feed about it and engaging in social media ranting blaming and shaming. They do this because of fear and they feel powerless, which is building their fear even more.

They have spent time thinking about all the reasons things are going to be tough.

They see so many others do the same (because their brain is giving attention to it) that this crystalises their belief even further: they are right, and the future is bleak.

So why is salon owner 1 absolutely going to get better results than salon owner 2?

Because salon owner 1 is using the 3 keys of creation. They are creating their future from:

  • The thoughts they think
  • The words they speak
  • The actions they take

Salon owner 1 is sending out positive thoughts and attracting more thoughts like them. They are using their words to ask for solutions and they are taking inspired action towards their goals.

Salon owner 2 is sending out negative thoughts and attracting more of the same, their words are being used to make negative fixed mindset statements and they aren’t taking actions to grow their business as they don’t believe they can.

The quicker we realise we are the creators of our future by what we think, say and do today, the faster we can turn this around into a brighter salon future!

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