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HH Simonsen launches Compact Dryer XS

June 30, 2021

A hairdryer isn’t just a hairdryer. It might have been like that once – a machine that simply blew warm air out to get bone-dry hair in seconds. But bone-dry is neither beautiful nor healthy.

Today the story is completely different, and the hairdryer is the first step to beautiful hair.

The new HH Simonsen Compact Dryer XS is small but powerful. It houses a 2000-watt motor in a dryer at just 430 grams – with every detail designed to perfection – from the ergonomic shape to the sound of the dryer. The specially designed ergonomic wings ensure a strong airflow and the ionic bonding technology allows a quick drying time – and a frizz-free and shiny result.


Ionic Bonding Technology: another aspect that makes the new Compact Dryer XS special is its Ionic Bonding Technology.

Whilst drying the hair, the airstream from the hairdryer carries ions that interact with the surface of the hair. In short, negative ions remove charge and positive ions add it – this affects the frizzness or smoothness and shine of the hair. With ionic bonding technology, the ions bind together to form protective ions that lay over the hair as a finely meshed net of ions.

When the ions are bonded, they work to neutralise static electricity in the hair and generates an ionic balance that protects the hair and leaves it silky smooth.

To say it in hair language: ionic bonding technology makes your hairdryer a technical wonder, that gives smooth, shiny and healthy hair – every time you use it.

A small, but efficient and strong hairdryer that proves size doesn’t matter. Ergonomically designed with functionality and comfort in mind. The XS-dryer has aerodynamic wings and ionic technology for a strong airflow, a frizz-free result and a quick drying time.

✔ Powerful 2000 watt motor
✔ 430 gram ultra lightweight
✔ Ergonomically balanced
✔ Ionic technology minimizes frizz
✔ Three metre flexible cord
✔ Launch edition includes diffuser


Find out more at www.rdr.link/hb035