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Here Comes the Sun | Neil Moodie

July 06, 2023

With summer very much upon us, top editorial stylist Neil Moodie talks us through his winning solutions, treatments and products to protect your clients’ hair and scalps in the heat.

 Just as the sun and sea can cause great damage to the skin, we must also be wary of their impact on the hair and scalp. Whilst UV rays can dry out the hair to make the cuticle look rougher, UVB can also oxidise the pigment cells – this is why the hair becomes lighter in the sun. Sun rays can also diminish the actual protein structure of the hair, weakening the bonds to feel brittle, dry and overly porous. And, whilst saltwater draws moisture out of the hair, chlorine can strip it of its natural oils. All in all, a very challenging time for hair!

So, what can we do?

  1. Apply a haircare product that contains UV filters… 

These products not only protect the hair from sun damage, but also prevent colour fade or lightening. Remember, the UV rays can break down the hair pigment (aka melanin), which can significantly lighten the hair after only a short time of exposure. If your clients are going to be outside a lot, it’s worth advising them to wear a brimmed hat to protect their scalp and ears too, these are most vulnerable to getting burnt.

  1. Strengthen and smooth with a KC treatment… 

If your clients are constantly fighting frizz during the summer months, a Keratin treatment is a possible way to combat it. Keratin is a structural protein which helps to strengthen the hair and reduce breakage; it smooths cells that overlap to form hair strands, making the hair more manageable and glossier.

  1. Going for a swim? Then you need to prep the hair… 

A good way for your clients to protect their hair from chlorine or sea water is to soak the head in clean water before going swimming. By doing this, the hair won’t absorb as much saltwater or pool chemicals, I also highly recommend rinsing the hair after a swim.

  1. Easy (up-do) does it…

To fight frizz and protect the hair quickly, advise your clients to try an easy up-do – a slick pony, high bun, cornrow braid or side braid, for example – for those high-humidity days. A good idea is to use a moisturising conditioner before styling; this will allow your hair to drink the ingredients it needs.

  1. Get some clarity…

As well as using your regular shampoo, it’s good to alternate during the summer months with a clarifying or anti-residue shampoo once a week. This is great for clearing away product build-up and combatting summer’s general sweat and grime.

  1. Steam (treatment) it out…

A steam treatment is a great way to repair the hair after exposure to the sun and sea. The steam works to open up the cuticles, allowing the ingredients from the mask to really penetrate the hair shaft and repair from within instead. I recommend this treatment to clients once or twice a month.

  1. Get a mid-season cut…

I always advise a mid-season haircut to my clients. This is because the hair generally grows faster in the late spring and summer months as there are more hairs in the anagen (or growing stage) than in mid-winter.

Here Comes the Sun | Neil Moodie

Here Comes the Sun | Neil Moodie 1

Photo credits: Neil Moodie Studio Team – Brixton, Valentina, Eddie.

Here Comes the Sun | Neil Moodie 2

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