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Hercules Sägemann – a Brand with Green Credentials

January 13, 2020

Hercules Sägemann is a brand steeped in heritage, with a history of making premium combs and brushes since 1856.

And while its professionalism and quality are well-known across the globe, the brand is also a pioneer for its sustainable production methods and materials, which set it apart from many other brands within the haircare market.

Hercules Sägemann’s range of premium combs are all handcrafted from 100% natural rubber – a renewable resource, which does not harm the environment. This concern for the environment continues throughout the manufacturing process, with the company using the most up-to-date filtering technology, and the separating foils used during comb production consist of 96% recycled material.

To raise awareness of its environmentally-friendly credentials, Hercules Sägemann is introducing bold new packaging to the brand, made from 100% organic material and designed to create greater visibility within retail channels. Packaging will feature the tagline ‘100 natural’, reinforcing the sustainable qualities of the products.

The company is confident that the new packaging will not only highlight the brand’s green credentials but also present the quality of its products in the most effective way.

This ‘100 natural’ message will also form the basis of a new marketing campaign featuring in various media channels globally and starring international model and green spokesperson Marie Nasemann.

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