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October 25, 2023

Nestled in the heart of London’s beautiful Fitzrovia, husband and wife team, Phillip and Siobhan Haug, have created a space that blends premium salon functionality with a relaxed, warm and homely atmosphere.

How did you decide on the style of your salon interior?

We chose the style of our interior by envisioning a space that is relaxed, inviting and homely. Our goal was to create an environment full of thoughtful touches, combining premium and polished elements with warmth and softness. We wanted an inviting atmosphere that encouraged guests to relax and enjoy their time.

Where did you find the inspiration for your design?
The inspiration for our salon design came from the idea of creating a comfortable home – particularly through the textures, tile patterns and warm wood elements, as well as the muted rich winter colours like Rosewood, Almond and Emerald green. Additionally, we drew inspiration from interesting finishes that clients could relate to in their own homes.

Did you use an interior designer?
Yes, we made an unconventional decision to enlist the help of a residential and hospitality interior designer to achieve the desired look and feel of the salon. Whilst they were not salon specialists, we collaborated to blend salon functionality with a beautiful design, focusing on warmth and relaxation.

What do you hope are your clients’ first impressions when they walk in?
We hope that our clients’ first impressions when they walk into our salon are of comfort, relaxation and a sense of being at home. We want them to feel immediately at ease and drawn into the inviting atmosphere.

Do you have any curated pieces/special features in the salon?
Yes! The Haus Bar, inspired by the comfort of a host’s kitchen, serves delicious coffee, craft beer, Prosecco, snacks, treats and leaf teas. The Colour Lounge is also a purpose-built area for clients to relax during colour appointments. What’s more, there are unique tile patterns and finishes throughout the salon, such as the warm concrete surface on the Haus Bar and the floral-shaped sink in the bathroom.

How have you embraced sustainability within the design?
We are members of the Green Salon Collective, so they recycle all of our metal, plastic and hair waste for us. We are also in the Borough of Westminster, so we recycle the rest of our residual waste through its eco-conscious schemes – its process is not to export waste like a lot of commercial waste collectors, nor is it taken to landfill.

What salon software do you use and what feature of it do you find most useful?
We use Phorest. We find the marketing tools are really helpful, they’ve helped us generate a lot of new business as well as allowing us to monitor how effective our marketing strategy is.

Did your product brand/colour house influence your style of interior design?
Absolutely! We have an open colour lounge where we keep our products on display, this is so clients can see their colour being mixed. We love the packaging of Schwarzkopf Professional colour ranges, such as BLONDME and IGORA, so we are very happy to have them on display!

What salon furniture have you chosen and why?
We use REM for salon furniture as they have amazing colour options and super comfortable basins; each piece was chosen to complement the overall warm and inviting design concept. We wanted to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both clients and stylists.

Do you have a dress code for your team?
We don’t. We like the team to feel comfortable as well as give them the ability to express their personalities and identities through their style.

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