Hairdressers at home | Darren and Jackie Ambrose

March 23, 2022

This month we’ve spoken to the fashionista favourites, Darren and Jackie Ambrose of D&J Ambrose, about what they’re watching, reading and doing…


The Wallace Collection House Free to not only explore this amazing building steeped in history but to also study a lifelong collection of art and textiles through the eras, past down by the Wallace family for us to appreciate. An afternoon to lose yourself for a while.


A place for research, inspo, and knowledge. We love to spend time here being inspired by the incredible history of fashion through the eras. Regular visits to collection exhibitions like Dior, McQueen, History of Fashion and the like are a must plus you are in one of London’s incredible historic building.

BEST BOOK – Green Lights by Matthew McConaughey

This fantastic autobiography about his life is an inspiring read with funny stories and lessons!

BEST APP – Ice Man Speaks, Wim Hof method

It’s an important mind-set to focus and function to begin your day. We have a couple of routines to energise and kick start before anything else in the morning Jackie and I go through a breathing process with Wim Hof – a routine that doesn’t take long but energises you followed by an ice cold shower! Sounds horrific but you feel awake stimulated and amazing after wards.

BEST AUDIO BOOKS – Atomic habits

One of our favourite audios! A good listen on your journey to work! Categories in health, wellness, and personal development – a great way to make small, positive changes in life that have huge effects.

BEST FILM- Vivien Westwood, Punk, Icon, Activist

We loved the steadfast, positive attitude – always keeping on brand. Non-conformist with powerful direction. A truely talented designer with a brilliant history. It will have you laughing at some priceless humour.


We love this inside story of the Dior fashion house, its history and how the huge machine works. An amazing story of a great and inspiring team creating stunning fabrics and structure that are seen today. Huge respect to the seamstresses that are the big engine that makes it all happen – incredibly talented people.