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hairdressers at home | Danilo Giangreco

June 06, 2022

We spoke to ‘the one to watch’, multi award-winning Danilo Giangreco, about what he is watching, reading and doing this spring…

Breaking the habit of being yourself

My favourite book is usually the last one I have read! I’ve just finished reading “Breaking the habit of being yourself” by Doctor Joe Dispenza, which contains some mind boggling concepts that I am still digesting. In the last year I have been listening to books while driving or relaxing at home, through the Audible app, I find it a great way of learning, rather than reading physically, which I don’t have enough time to do!

Where do I start? Can I give you three at least? I’m a film lover…I still own over judge me! I’ll give you three titles:

Forrest Gump – “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.” So true!

Amelie – I love the imaginative way she sees the world and her mission to spread joy. Also the music by Yann Tiersen is just divine!

Fight Club – Well… first rule of Fight Club, never talk about Fight Club.

The Joe Rogan Experience

“The Joe Rogan Experience” by American comedian and presenter Joe Rogan. I love the fact that he has a variety of guests on his podcasts, from top athletes to comedians like Kevin Hart or geniuses like Elon Musk, which makes the podcast fun, always very interesting and never repetitive. Also I love how, although they sometimes discuss very important topics, Joe never gets too philosophical and doesn’t lecture!

Beauty Papers

Love it or hate it!

The Van Gogh Experience

It’s got to be The Van Gogh Experience: The bright colours and the unusual way of painting, everything is just beautiful. Also getting to know a bit about his complex personality made the exhibition memorable.

Game of Thrones
Drama, sex, action, fantasy…The best and most unpredictable series, ever!!!