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Haircuts4Homeless gains two new trustees – Adam Reed and Andrew Perera

July 01, 2021

Haircuts4Homeless has two NEW trustees: Celebrity Hairdresser Adam Reed, and Beauty PR Extraordinaire, Andrew Perera

Haircuts4Homeless is a charity set up by veteran hairdresser Stewart Roberts to provide haircuts free of charge to homeless people. One of people’s basic rights it for them to feel good about themselves and this service gives this to people.

Adam Reed:
There are honours and there are honours – honours for what you have done, honours for what people think you’ve done and honours for what people hope you will do.
Today I received an honour from someone who deserves an honour. it’s the tireless, generous, giant of a man who is Stewart Roberts – founder of Haircuts for Homeless. Stewart who goes out there with his team, gets on with it and gets enough satisfaction and joy from doing what he does on a daily basis that he goes out there and does it all over again and again and again. Stewart who brings light in what could only be deemed as pretty dismal lives. He’s highly regarded, respected and what’s more is welcomed at homeless refuges throughout the country. Stewart thank you for making me your Trustee – I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do.”

Andrew Perera:
“I am delighted to join Haircuts 4 Homeless to continue to support those more vulnerable. To witness the power of a haircut and see the confidence it builds and hear the stories people have, it is imperative we continue to raise awareness to support those in need.”

Stewart Roberts:
“Everyone at Haircuts4Homeless are extremely proud to have Adam Reed & Andrew Perera join us as Trustees and become part of the Haircuts4Homeless family.
Adam has joined us in the past cutting hair for homeless people and we are certain will be a very proactive member in the future. Andrew with his Brandstand team have supported us over the last couple of years in gaining support and raising much needed awareness”.

For more information about the charity: www.haircuts4homeless.com
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