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Hair and Beauty Charity Launches E-CookBook

June 16, 2021

Hair and beauty industry greats have all come together to create a mouth-watering scrumptious e-cookbook to help raise money and awareness of the Hair & Beauty Charity.

Yes, you heard right, not only are they experts in their profession, but they can also cook up a storm in the kitchen! Whether you’re more of a savoury or sweet tooth fan, you can expect to find a range of tasty recipes that’ll make you want to throw on an apron and get cooking. 

Hair & Beauty Charity has been helping hair and beauty professionals who have been affected by illness, disability, bereavement, homelessness, domestic violence, or financial hardship since 1836.  The e-cook will help raise funds to ensure the charity can continue helping those in financial need. During COVID-19, the charity has become a lifeline for a tremendous number of families and individuals, and it saw an increase of over 227% for requests for financial support during the past year alone. 

“This e-cookbook was borne from an idea during the 3rd lockdown.  Renowned hairdresser, Errol Douglas MBE posted an old image of a cookbook we created over 10 years ago and it got me thinking how much fun it would be to do it again.  You won’t find any sourdough or banana breads that the first lockdown was known for, but there’s 50 recipes from easy to difficult to recreate.  As a non-cook myself, I’m eager to try out a few of them and can’t thank the guest experts enough for donating their time, cooking, and photography skills for this great campaign,” explains President Samantha Grocutt, who coordinated the project.

The e-cookbook includes recipes from 47 experts across hair, beauty, barbering, nails, and makeup with renowned names like Sam McKnight, Errol Douglas MBE, Ruby Hammer MBE, Richard Ward, Nichola Joss, Andrew Barton, Adeola Gboyega, Marian Newman, Lisa Potter-Dixon, Josh Wood, Daniel Sandler, Jonathan Andrew, James Read, Michael Douglas, Caroline Barnes, Jack Howard, Amy Katrianne, Charlotte Mensah, Alan Beak, and Adam Reed to name but a very, very few!  

“Our charity has been a lifeline for many in our profession over the years but 2020 and 2021 has thrown us into the spotlight as more and more people started to hear about what we do and how we help. We have had fantastic support from our sponsors, donors, and the industry but it’s important that we continue to be there for those in the industry who need financial assistance.  Who knows how long the effects of these three lockdowns will have on our industry, so we need to keep pushing the charity awareness and this e-cookbook is a great way to bring a bit of lightness to what has been a really hard time for many,” concludes Samantha.


Full list of Guest Artists and Recipes:

Hair and Beauty Charity Launches E-CookBook