Hair and Barber Council urges salons to stay calm amid media reports

April 24, 2020

Following today’s reports about when salons and barbershops may open, Hair and Barber Council Registrar, Keith Conniford, has spoken to Government to express concerns on behalf of the industry.

John McNally MP, Chair of the Hairdressing, Barbering and Cosmetology All Party Parliamentary Group (APGG) stated that nothing has been decided on the reopening of the industry and said the stories are “highly irresponsible reporting.”

The story – which says salons won’t reopen until December – follow media reports last week that salons would be one of the first to open in May, leading to Keith warning hairdressers and barbers not to believe what they read in the papers.

“Until an official Government announcement has been made, we can all only speculate on when any business will open,” he says. “We are in constant contact with our sources in Government to ensure the industry isn’t forgotten and left behind. This situation emphasises the importance of being a State Registered industry – something we are still talking to Government about.

“Before any business can reopen Government will be putting restrictions and new working practices into place and as an industry we will also need to be have restrictions and guidelines for our new working ways.”

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