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Green or Vegan, which is best? With Bebop

February 17, 2020


To me, being a vegan salon is about using products in the salon that do not contain any animal extracts or animal by-products in the ingredients or the manufacturing process. It also means using products and ingredients that have never been tested on animals.

Being a green is about respecting our environment and using its resources in the right way, without wasting them. I believe that using vegan products and being green/sustainable (using what we have in a way that can last for years to come) is something that every salon should include in their business model.

Should a salon be concerned about labelling itself as vegan or such?

There should be no concerns about labelling your salon as vegan friendly. If this is something that you truly believe it, it should not deter you in doing so. At bebop, our salon is vegan friendly as we believe that the products we use in the salon do not need to have animal derivatives. We believe that people should be aware on conscious of the animal products they consume and use and should reduce it as its really important for our environment and the sustainability of our resources.

Does a salon have a higher chance of success by offering something for ingredients-conscious clients alongside those who don’t consider it?

Is it worth attempting to be a vegan salon but receiving criticism from dedicated vegans?

At bebop, we are primarily a salon that is gender neutral priced, organic + vegan and from this, we many clients that have researched vegan salons coming to us as they share the same ethos as our brand. It is important that you believe in the values that you impart on your brand. Consumers aren’t stupid – they can see when something is not genuine and is just put together because of a current trend. Don’t do anything if you don’t believe in it!

What are the 5 biggest steps a salon can take in a bid to be more green?

  1. Educate your salon on how to be more green
  2. Cut down on your consumption
  3. Recycle all by products that your salon produces (make sure you research the companies to see if they are actually recycling them properly, not shipping them off!)
  4. Use sustainable products
  5. Be sustainable where you can – reuse, recycle and reduce as much as you can. There are so many options out there now.