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Goldwell Colorance | Product Spotlight

September 08, 2022

Goldwell Colorance’s ease-of-use and high versatility allows for limitless creativity, from soft hues to strong statements.

Not only is it great on its own, it is also the perfect team player that can be used in almost all hair colour service. For stylists at any level it opens up endless possibilities:

With the combination of Colorance core Clear and @Pure Pigments, Goldwell introduces an entirely new service for ultimate shine: the Power Shine Service. 

The service allows the most individual, versatile glossing with a unique play of colour reflections. 

Together with Topchic it is possible to easily tone and refine to create the perfect colour balance. 

Combined with Elumen and Elumen Play for intense shine and colour that makes a bold statement. 

Paired with LightDimensions for repairing qualities after lightening treatments.

“I absolutely love the new Goldwell Colorance Gloss Tones. As well as having a vast range of shades, including the punchy level 8 shades, Colorance Gloss Tones is a great service to add express shine and a glossy finish to all bases.” – Sam Burnett, Owner & Creative Director, Hare & Bone 

The complete Colorance portfolio is climate neutral. The CO2 emissions of the Colorance products are offset via equivalent support of a CO climate protection project:

The carbon offset program of Kao Salon Division works to support a wind farm in northern Morocco with 40 wind turbines, providing a total capacity of 120 MW, allowing the brand to make an important contribution to reducing the share of fossil fuel-based electricity. 

The aluminum used for the Colorance cans and tubes has an optimal recycling rate of 95% and the airtight can system ensures minimal oxidative waste. In addition, the Colorance Gloss Tones 60ml do not need an additional folding box as it has a 3-layer label 

On top of that, lots of the Colorance formulations are produced in a cold-batch process to save energy during the manufacturing process itself.

* When Topchic is colour-balanced with Colorance. Compared to balancing the colour with alkaline permanent hair colour.


Something new has arrived in Goldwell’s ever-growing colour portfolio: Colorance Gloss Tones Clear is now available in a 500ml bottle. The non-pigmented formula offers the healthiest hair feel and superior shine. It can be used as a stand-alone gloss service or be mixed with Colorance Gloss Tones colour to adjust depth and colour deposit. With its exclusive IntraLipid Technology, Colorance can actually repair hair’s structure as it colours hair, regenerating up to 70% of the hair’s lost lipids, while the pH-balanced formula provides up to 35% more gentleness*.

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