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Go Green for Black Friday!

November 24, 2023

This week, Wimbledon salon owner and sustainability ambassador, Gina Conway, is making Black Friday green through giving away packets of ‘hair sprinkles’ with every purchase.

Gina, whose salon was named Best Sustainable Salon in the Marie Claire Sustainability awards, says “Gift giving should be a joyous experience and I want to ensure we don’t make mindless panic purchases that end up in landfill. Our sustainable gifts are everyday luxuries that everyone needs, from shampoos to bath oils. From B-Corp brands with organic ingredients and recyled/recyclable/refillable packaging, these festive treats are sure to light up your Christmas.”

She continues: “What’s more, as part of our ‘zero to landfill’ commitment, we’re also giving away cute little packets of cut hair which can be sprinkled into potted plants, Christmas trees or in the garden. Thanks to the naturally occurring high levels of nitrogen that are slowly released to the plant when the hair is in the soil, the campaign has been designed to help you celebrate this holiday season guilt free. The biodegradable packets we use are from a B-Corp UK based company and can be either curbside recycled or added to the compost bin for an excellent source of carbon.”

Gina Conway’s eco-friendly salon is situated within Elys department store in Wimbledon, where Black Friday runs from November 24-27. Shoppers can bag 20% off all of Gina’s hand-selected eco-friendly brands and 40% off limited lines including Aveda, as well as complimentary dry styling and prosecco at the Blow Dry Bar.

Go Green for Black Friday!