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Give it a Curl! | Sabrina Dijkman

October 20, 2023

As women all over the world are learning to embrace and celebrate their natural texture, curly hair has never been more popular. Gone are the days of curls being ‘challenging’ or ‘wild’ – that rhetoric is over! Today is all about beautiful curls, from the loosest of waves to the tightest of coils. We sat down with Alterna Ambassador Sabrina Dijkman, to learn her tips and tricks for the latest textured trends…


Banging Curls
Bangs and fringes have often seemed out of sync with curly styles, but as cutting techniques have changed – and as 70s styling re-emerges – it’s easy to see why a fringe works so well with curly hair. From the likes of disco icon Donna Summer’s wedge-shaped bob with a short fringe and Stevie Nicks with her tousled, curly fringe, to today’s style leader Solange and her heavy wavy fringe, this style usually works best with shoulder length curls.

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Symmetrical Bobs
For any clients that love to wear their curls out, it’s important that the style works with their lifestyle and daily demands. A bob is a brilliant option for curly hair and works for anyone with jaw-length or longer hair. The reason the hair needs to be at least jaw-length is because curls have a tendency to bounce back up – and the more coily the hair, the bigger the bounce! The key to making the most of a curly bob is products that help to define and lengthen the curl, ensuring the bounce-back isn’t too extreme.

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Brush it Out
This trend isn’t for everybody; in fact, many curly hair types would never even dream of brushing out their curls. However, if done correctly, brushed-out curls can create the most beautiful shapes. This frizzy, textured style works best on long hair – remember, frizz is no longer a negative when it comes to this soft silhouette. For inspiration, you can look at Diana Ross in the 70s or Kelly Rowland today.

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Sculptural Topknots
The beauty of curly hair lies in its ability to be whipped into sculptural shapes that can truly enhance any face shape, but sometimes it’s preferable to wear curls away from the face. A super easy go-to is the topknot. Depending on the texture of the curls, a topknot can be worn quite loosely with stray strands around the hairline, or it can be twisted and slicked for a sculptural, cone-shaped creation – the possibilities are endless!

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