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Get The Look: Jubilee inspired Victory Rolls!

June 01, 2022

With parties planned around the UK to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, dressing up is part of the fun. Tea dresses and 1950s inspiration all take centre stage.


Matrix Artist Ambassador Carol Ritchie says while Victory Rolls are traditionally from the 1940s, they were still popular during the early 1950s at the Queen’s coronation. “The victory roll hairstyle is often associated with manoeuvres performed by fighter planes in World War 2 .The planes created an exhaust roll that remained in the sky after leaving the area and inspired many patriotic women to adopt the name in honour of the soldiers returning home,” she explains.

“The Victory Rolls hairstyle was popular amongst everyday woman as well as the starlets on the big screens. As woman were enrolled into the workforce they were required to wear their hair off their faces and this style was practical and yet feminine .They also became popular with a rise of women having voluminous curls of hair that are either on top of the head or framing the face. Victory rolls are still popular today and the great thing is it’s not just for long hair, it works on shorter lengths too.”


 Carol’s tips for modernising victory rolls for the Jubilee weekend

1 Shorter hair can wear this trend by slicking back the sides with gel and then using some Matrix Height Riser to give some hold and texture to the fringe. Even it looks a little bit undone it’s fine, it doesn’t have to perfect.

2 Give the hair some texture all over, but make the Victory Rolls super smooth by either crimping the hair or using a flat iron to create a defined wave, let it cool then tease it out. Spray with hairspray for hold then make your Victory Rolls meet in the middle, or choose to do one big one rolled onto the face as a bold fringe.
3 If the hair is too soft it will be hard to manipulate so prepping hair with a mousse and heat protector is a good start. Then put a light curl through it, as this will make the hair easier to handle.

4 Always section your hair off and make sure you have some strong hairgrips to keep it in place.

5 If you are struggling to create the rolls, get some padding and make it into a sausage shape and use this to roll the hair around.