From Salon to Screen | 2024 Trend Predictions

January 12, 2024

What better start to the year than seeing celebrities take to the Golden Globes red carpet with style and panache! Roman Sys, Top Stylist at Brooks & Brooks, believes the event gave hairdressers a wide range of styles to spark client inspiration for the coming months. We sat down with Roman to find out the three key trends that emerged from this year’s Golden Globes…


      1. Glamorous Waves


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We had Jennifer Lopez, Carey Mulligan and Gillian Anderson taking us back to the classics with beautiful waves all finished differently – either with shorter hair, longer hair brushed back, or swept over to the side Veronica Lake-style.


      1. Alternatively Fashionable


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Billie Eilish, Rosamund Pike and Florence Pugh represented more alternative styles; less conventional looks with a polished finish. Billie’s front hair strand perfectly mirrored her loose ribbon tie, while Florence Pugh’s hair combined soft high-wave texture with shorter more aggressive sides that have been tapered into the perfect buzz length – I love the contrast in texture and feeling with her hair.


      1. Natural Beauty


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Natural hair was finished to perfection, it will never not be on trend! It’s that moment when you look at hair and you have no clue why it looks so good and even less clue on how to recreate it! Jennifer Aniston and Margot Robbie both showed this look beautifully with their natural waves.